What to look for in an architect to draw your home?

A home is among the few most valuable assets which we always tend to be mindful of. We need to be serious and passionate for the making of a home because all our concerns about security, comfort, social dignity and other things depend mostly on it. So, architects can be the most reliable persons who are not only the people to draft required plans for our buildings or desired additions but also the people to draw the aesthetics of our homes. Once we have hired or started working with architects; it typically means we need them to do the following things for us:

  • Drawing our cherished design
  • Helping us find right contractors
  • Guiding our entire projects through all types of approval processes
  • Conducting proper scrutiny in on the entire construction

Hence, it is obvious that our architects have to cooperate with us not only as professional contractors but also as our constant companies throughout the construction process. So, it seems imperative that we need to know what to look for in an architect when looking for one.

How an architect can be your first choice?

An architect can be the person who you are looking for if he or she is well trained and skilled enough to plan and design your building. The architect should have the ability to beautifully draw the complete sketch of all your original ideas by keeping things exactly how you want. Keeping your demand and preferences in mind, the person should be able to draw a perfect prototype of your building. The individual will not only aestheticize the exteriors of your home but also draws the interiors of your home with the most discerning interests.

How a reliable professional approaches?

To get started with your project, an efficient professional draws an in-depth outline of the home construction. The person usually starts with the rudimentary aspects of drawing the exact perimeter of your desired sweet home. Then, the person considers the number of rooms you actually want to be in seamless integration with your desired perimeter. He or she will speculate fairly to sketch the dimension to accommodate your family comfortably. In addition, the professional will definitely keep an eye on drawing the home to host all your desired amenities along with your possible recreational installments.


An example showing how well an efficient architect works:

Like many people, you possess a property in which you may want to set up a porch or a pool. In addition, you might have got a plan to add a back yard for your beloved wife who may be fond of gardening or for your children who love to run about. Furthermore, you may want to get a garage added to accommodate all your two cars. So, you need to find a professional to materialize your plan in the form of drawing.

A well-informed designer will draw the design for your home to combine each of the preferences of you as well as your family members in just a single renovation program. The person will take care of the nitty-gritty of your remodeling project. In a word, the right architect will incorporate extraordinary ideas to draw your home in a way which is too difficult for you to conceptualize.

What else your architect needs to ensure?

It is one of the principal businesses of the professional to let you feel relaxed all the way since you do not have to worry about how the exterior or interior designer needs to co-ordinate with other concerned people, such as engineers, surveyors and subcontractors. To help you ease out the associated concerns, the architect will manage these parts with required skills. When working on your project, a good professional with the best endeavors will apply advanced techniques which ensure energy efficiency and enable you to save on the utility bills.

How much it takes you to find an architect?

In general, costs to find a trustworthy architect at your services vary from states to states. Roughly, you may need to spend anywhere between 10% and 17% of the total budget of your building.

Last but not the least, you should look for an architect who acknowledges the fact that your surroundings have had a direct influence on your living standard, and your home is the most fundamental part of the surroundings.

What a shower head needs to be a great one?

We all know how important showers are. They make us feel awake in the morning, and relaxed and cozy at night. So it is extremely important that our shower head works properly to provide us all the benefits we need. But what makes a shower head a great one? To begin with, a shower head needs to have a strong flow, not a weak sprinkle! We want an invigorating stream! We want full body coverage and steady temperature! And guess what? Those are the features that make a shower head a great one.


Looking for a shower head may be a little difficult because they all seem to be great. But, to buy a product which you won´t regret later, you need to pay attention to our tips. Like we mentioned, a great shower head will provide you full body coverage and the freedom to choose between settings. For example, the best shower heads feature several settings such as massage, mist, pulsing, water-saving-trickle and much more. The best shower head will offer you the best showering experience ever. Water consumption is also something to consider and think about. The best rain shower heads will reduce your water consumption. Normally, flow rate is 2.5 GPM.

The best shower heads feature technologies such as Air Power, which provides a calming shower experience, and there is one thing which all great shower heads feature, which is high water pressure. Some homes just simply don´t have good water pressure, and that could be because of factor like the municipal water supply or even plumbing. But, normally, changing you shower head for a great one may solve the problem! A great shower head has features to improve your shower, and is also made of durable and stainless materials.

Now that we´ve mentioned materials, let´s discuss what the best shower heads are made of. Shower heads are available in different finishes like polished chrome, stainless steel, hammered nickel, brass or nickel, and others. Before choosing a finish you have to think if it matches the faucets and other accessories so it won´t look weird. The best shower heads have finishes which don´t require constant upkeep, that why the best ones have matte and brushed finishes because they don´t get dirty easily and they hide spots. Quality is really important on a shower head, and what make a high quality one is its finish and the brand.

Make sure to buy a well-known brand which offers long-term warranties. Great shower heads are designed to work for many and many years, that´s why they usually have a lifetime warranty. Following these tips you will buy a high quality shower head to satisfy yours and your family´s needs. A great shower head doesn´t need to be extremely expensive, but a very cheap one may sound a little suspicious. We hope this article was useful for you to buy a shower head which will end up being a great shower head.

Como desentupir sanitas


O entupimento do vaso sanitário é algo extremamente comum, porém existem métodos caseiros que te permitem fazer o desentupimento do mesmo.
São vários os motivos pelos quais um vaso sanitário pode ficar entupido: papel higiênico descartado indevidamente dentro da privada, sabão sólido, objetos insolúveis em água, cabelos, e etc. Se isso acontecer em sua casa, veja como você deve proceder.

Utilizando o desentupidor de vasos sanitários

O primeiro método que você pode utilizar para desentupir privadas, é utilizar um desentupidor convencional. Ele é simples de fácil de ser utilizado.
Recomendações: introduza a parte arredondada do desentupidor na saída de cano do seu vão sanitário, faça movimentos que proporcionem maior pressão, para que você consiga retirar o objeto que entupiu o seu vaso sanitário.
Para desentupir privadas prefira sempre utilizar desentupidores alongados ou aqueles que possuem mangueiras.

Agua quente

Outro método é utilizar água quente para desentupir o seu vaso sanitário. Ferva uma panela de água, adicione detergente e jogue dentro da privada.
Espere cerca de 20 minutos e observe se o conteúdo do vaso está sendo dissolvido.

Coloque sobre o assento do vaso sanitário um plástico, e tampe o vaso, de forma que cubra toda de ar, dessa forma quando você der descarga o ar irá junto para o cano, fazendo pressão para que o conteúdo dentro da privada desça junto com a água.

Você pode também utilizar uma bola de praia – bola plástica em tamanho grande – para cobrir o vaso, ou alguma outra coisa que tampe a entrada de ar.

Coca cola dentro da sanita

Não são só objetos grandes que causam obstrução do vaso sanitário, alguns objetos pequenos também podem causar entupimento.
Em caso de materiais pequenos que podem ser dissolvidos, você pode utilizar coca cola para que eles se desfaçam e vão embora com a descarga. Antes de jogar a coca cola dentro do vaso agite-a para que ela crie pressão do gás, então coloque a boca da garrafa em direção ao cano do vaso.

Soda caustica, bicarbonato de sódio com vinagre e corrosivo verde

Algumas substâncias podem ajudar você a desentupir a sua sanita rapidamente. Veja alguns:
• Soda cáustica: essa substância deve ser utilizada somente em último caso, não é muito recomendada por ser altamente corrosiva. Para utilizá-la você deve adicioná-la água quente, para potencializar o seu efeito e diminuir o poder corrosivo desta substância. Jogue no vaso e deixe agir por 20 minutos, depois dê descarga.

• Bicarbonato de sódio com vinagre: fazer uma mistura de bicarbonato de sódio com vinagre é uma ótima opção para desentupir o seu vaso sanitário! Coloque meio quilo de bicarbonato de sódio dentro de 1 litro de vinagre, de qualquer tipo, depois jogue no vaso sanitário e espere os materiais dissolverem.

• Corrosivo verde: este produto é vendido pronto nos supermercados para desentupimento de canos que utilizamos muito Lisboa, e pode ser utilizado dentro do vaso sanitário. Para utilizá-lo basta jogá-lo dentro do vaso sanitário e dar descarga.

Se nenhum dos métodos descritos funcionarem para desentupir o seu vaso sanitário, chame um profissional que ele usará técnicas mais especificas para o desentupimento da sua sanita, que resolvera o problema, garantidamente.

Educa Mais Brasil Prognóstico 2015

Se você já tentou diversos tipos de programas do governo e ainda não conseguiu uma oportunidade para iniciar seus estudos, o programa Educa Mais Brasil pode ser a solução dos seus problemas.

Para 2015 o prognóstico é que o programa continue a se expandindo. Devido a diversas mudanças nos programas de financiamento estudantil do governo ou por não conseguirem bolsas pelo PROUNI, vários alunos ficam desmotivados, imaginando que não conseguirão iniciar um curso superior. Mas o que você precisa saber é que o programa Educa Mais Brasil está aberto a inscrições para pessoas de baixa renda e você pode ser contemplado com este benefício em 2015!Educa mais brasil

Como funciona o Educa mais Brasil?

O Educa Mais Brasil é um dos maiores programas de inclusão social que existe. Para se inscrever você só precisa ter documentos que comprovem que você não tem condições de bancar 100% da mensalidade do curso que deseja fazer.
O programa tem parceria com várias instituições de ensino, e você deve se inscrever de forma online, a inscrição é totalmente gratuita.

Expectativas para o Educa Mais Brasil 2015

Para 2015 a expectativa é que sejam criadas ainda mais oportunidades de bolsas de estudos para alunos de baixa renda. O programa Educa Mais Brasil ( www.educamaisbrasil2015.net )  pretende criar vínculos com novas instituições, tanto de ensino superior como de ensino técnico, básico, profissionalizante e até mesmo com escolas de idioma.

A capacitação profissional torna-se cada dia mais importante para que um indivíduo se desenvolva como pessoa, e alcance seus objetivos. Por isso o programa Educa Mais Brasil disponibiliza bolsas que custeiam uma parte da mensalidade do curso escolhido.

As modalidades do programa são as seguintes:

• Bolsas para cursos de graduação;
• Bolsas para cursos de Pós Graduação;
• Bolsas para Cursos Técnicos;
• Bolsas para Ensino Básico;
• Bolsas para Cursos de idiomas;
• Bolsas para Cursos livres.

Educa Mais Brasil é um programa do governo?

Não! O programa Educa Mais Brasil não é um programa do governo.
O programa Educa Mais Brasil é uma iniciativa do Instituto Educar, e existe há cerca de 10 anos. Durante esse período já ajudou milhares de pessoas a conquistarem um diploma e uma capacitação profissional.

Apensar de não ser um programa do governo, essa iniciativa privada tem o aval do governo e contribui muito para o crescimento do país, pois é um programa totalmente social, visando disponibilizar bolsas de estudos para quem realmente precisa.

Como conseguir bolsa de estudos Educa Mais Brasil 2015?

Se você está interessado em conseguir uma bolsa de estudos, basta ao site, e completar o registo, e esperar que seja aprovado. Regista no site  https://www.educamaisbrasil.com.br/ 

As inscrições são gratuitas e os documentos são entregues de forma totalmente online.

Garanta o seu futuro com Educa Mais Brasil!

O Programa Educa Mais Brasil é inteiramente confiável, e independente da sua idade, é possível se inscrever.
O diferencial deste programa, é que além das bolsas de estudo convencionais ele também oferece outras oportunidades, como as bolsas de estudos para cursinhos preparatórios para concursos!

Você pode conferir depoimentos elaborados por pessoas que conseguiram conquistar um diploma com o apoio do programa no site do Educa Mais Brasil, ou até mesmo na Fã Page do facebook: www.facebook.com/educamaisbrasil

Nestes endereços você encontrará opiniões e comentários de quem já usufrui desta bolsa e já está garantindo o seu futuro.

Se quer mais informações sobre o Educa Mais Brasil 2015, basta ligar no número:
4007-2020 (Capitais e Regiões Metropolitanas) ou 0800 724 7202 (Demais localidades).

What weight loss can teach selling homes?


Losing weight is not easy, we all know that, and also do not sell homes, so I often I compare my work to lose weight.

Sell ​​houses in Chicago is becoming more difficult because there is increasing competition and people have less money to buy a new home.

Lately my biggest clients are buyers of second homes who have much of their money as well sucess business, but saw lower the number of main homes that sold once.

Trying to sell a house and losing weight is equal. 1 month ago I was reading a book in Portuguese from an old friend named Rodrigo Polesso who wrote the Book of Emagrecer de Vez  and picked great ideas to implement in my business. Now you ask, how is it possible a diet book to teach things about selling houses in chicago, yes it is possible.

Like everything in life, the way we saw things is the most important, I to read all that was necessary to do to lose weight had a clear idea that it was necessary to do a lot more effort than I was doing at the time to sell my house former clients.

Sometimes it is necessary to walk a little behind and realize the reason for a sale to get to the sale. This is a super important step in life.

To lose weight it is necessary to have a plan, and also to sell a house, do not just go to the street and deliver flyers to homes for sale, it is necessary to take guests to the houses, make them feel passion for home. When you take someone to show a new home has to make this visit a sees, have to make the person feel in their New House.

The magic pills that many people believe that there are weight loss I liken it promisse huge comissions and then do not pay!

I know one real estate agent that working in Roger Erickson, one of the largest agencies in the world, and he shares with me that often the customer ends up paying much more money for a house when they feel that the person who is selling you is making the purchase of a home one EXPERIENCE and fun at the same time!

Now you have to get a sense if you keep trying to do alugels short duration is your decision, but when you begin to take action on a large scale, you will receive results on a large scale. That’s how things work.

You are the commander of your life, you are the pilot, you make your turn.

So now I think, and do!

How to Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner before Calling a Technician

There are times that when you can’t stand the heat from the sun you switch on your air conditioner. Improper use and too much use of air conditioner can possibly damage it. If your Air conditioner malfunctioned, there are also times that your energy cost will rise. You will also call a HVAC technician if your air conditioner malfunction and you will of course pay for it.

There are times that you don’t notice that the problem is only simple but you still call for a HVAC technician. To avoid calling a technician for such a simple problem, you need to troubleshoot first your Air conditioner.

Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot your Air conditioner before calling a technician, ensures that it is certified by a hvac schools.


Check the problem
The first thing you need to do is check the problem. Check if your air conditioner is totally not working, is it producing warm air or is it not making the air cool?. You need to check it so that when you call a HVAC technician, he already has an idea and he can fix your Air conditioner quickly.

Check the plug
The next thing you need to check is the plug especially if it is not working at all. This may seem obvious but there are some times that plug is exactly the cause why your Air conditioner is not working. Check if it’s properly plugged in. There are times that pets or kids accidentally tap the plug when they are playing (it is a good idea to put an outlet on high place which kids cannot reach).

Check the breakers
If the air conditioner is properly plugged, the next thing you need to check is the circuit breakers and fuses. Make sure that the fuses are in place, functioning properly and of course, turned on. With older homes, circuits are easily overloaded. The air conditioner shares a circuit with some electrical appliances like refrigerator or microwave that’s why circuits overload.

Check the thermostat
If your air conditioner is properly plugged in and the circuit breakers and fuses are in place and properly working. The next thing you need to check is the thermostat. You need to make sure that the thermostat is set to cool the current temperature. There are times that the settings of your air conditioner accidentally change when the air conditioner accidentally unplugged.

Check the fan blower belt
You also need to check the fan blower belt of you air conditioner if there is a damage or breakage. A damaged fan blower belt can cause the air flow low and it allows ice to form. It also cause your air conditioner a low cooling performance.

Coil and filter
You also need to check the coil and filter. You need to clean them if they are full of dust and debris (you need to clean them carefully). Before restarting your air conditioner, you need to make sure that the ice on your unit already melted.

After you are done with the trouble shooting and you already know the problem, it is already time to call a technician. If you do these tips, you can surely avoid spending money on a simple problem.

Normal Tubs versus a Walk-In Tub

Each home has its bathroom which is said to be one among the few most dangerous areas where people have every chance to fall a victim to slip-and-fall incidents. An accident of this type may even endanger our lives. So, it is imperative that we ensure proper safety when we head towards building our bathrooms. In general, many households use normal bathtubs which pose a risk to people who have certain disabilities or issues with their mobility. Older adults are often vulnerable to this mobility issue because of using conventional tubs. However, this risk can easily be minimized by installing walk-in tubs.

The differences noticed in the making of normal tubs and walk in tubs:

People who have already reached their old age often find it pretty difficult to get in or get out of the regular bathtubs because these ones have a minimum height of 1½ feet. This height makes it difficult for those old people to step over the rims. But, those old people may not show a good combination of balance and coordination, especially when they find the floor or tubs wet. So, they have to be under the risk of falling or slipping at anytime when they attempt to make a move in or out of the tubs.

On the other hand, walk in tubs can be a great solution to the issue. These types are even more useful when our seniors would like to take a bath with hot shower for a long time instead of taking a simple bath. With a rim which has a height of only 5 inches, a walk-in tub allows a man or woman to make each of his or her steps safely and comfortably not only when moving in but also when moving out of the tub.

You can get a more in depth view of what this product does here: http://walkintubsguide.net/what-is-a-walk-in-tub/

Why normal tubs can be replaced by walk-in types?

According to the statement given by the National Council, normal bathtubs may leave some chances of falling or slipping for people. Every year, about 250,000 US people who are over 60 years old either slip or fall around their bathtubs while taking bath. Many of them get their hips broken on account of slipping in or out of the tubs. In addition, two-thirds of them who fell previously fall again within the next six months or so.

However, they have advantageous options too. Nowadays, lots of walk-in tubs have been made available at various prices. These specially designed bathtubs bring luxury along with healthful benefits when people tend to take a warm bath to ease away all their physical pains while leaving them without the risks of an accident. So, installing a walk-in tub along with shower can certainly replace the normal tub since the new found tub is easy-to-install. Where people have access to any plumbing section like a laundry room, they can install those tubs.

Superiority of walk-in tubs over normal ones:

Since senior adults usually suffer from the lack of mobility which requires them to find something that allows them to be independent. Again, most of them want their bathtubs to be an option which can rather be a place to get a soothing, meditative and strictly personal experience than just a typical place to get the whole body washed.

Indeed, manufacturers of walk-in tubs tend to realize the demand of old adults. So, they try to incorporate this appeal by producing a vast range of styles, enjoyable features and different shapes to cater to the interests of diverse tastes and budgets.